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Fort Worth Love List is your ultimate guide to all things Fort Worth. Discover the newest local hotspots, hidden gems, and must-visit destinations in the city. From trendy restaurants and bars to exciting events and attractions, we curate the top recommendations to help you explore Fort Worth like a true local.

Dallas Love List

We are the most followed resource on social media in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex – spanning over 1,000,000 followers across Instagram and TikTok on the @DallasLoveList and @FortWorthLoveList accounts.


The Love List brand flaunts the color, pizazz, personality, and sparkle of DFW, showcasing where everyone should eat, drink and play.


Fort Worth Love List was founded in 2018 with a passion for beautiful, vibrant imagery that makes followers stop the scroll, save the post, and send it to a friend. Fast forward to 2023, and we are still leading the pack on creating striking content, including Reels and TikTok videos which harness the power to go viral.


An Instagram post on our accounts can fill up a restaurant or business in a matter of hours or days. We've repeatedly sold-out events at a shocking pace. And we've grown our partner's Instagram following by thousands of followers within hours of our giveaway posts.


We bring authentic, creative storytelling to our content, and provide a long-lasting impact on our brand partners.


There is nothing that brings us more pride and satisfaction than a happy client with an effective campaign on one of the Love List pages.


Let us transform your brand's bottom line on social media.

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